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     Eloise's recognizes that many of our family, friends, and clients suffer from gluten-intolerances; so we've worked hard to create sweets to satisfy their cravings. We have developed our own techniques & recipes for comparable gluten free versions, in both taste and texture, for almost every item we make.

     FYI: at blind taste-tests, our non-restricted guests could not discern the difference between most of our gluten-free and traditional products!

     While gluten-free items are made in the same facility as our 'regular' line, all surfaces are sanitized prior to beginning baking and all duplicate equipment necessary is pulled from its special storage area. Conventional baking is not scheduled during gluten-free baking times and the regular line doesn't start up again until all gluten-free baked items and equipment have been re-stored. We have many celiac clients who appreciate that we are so cautious. Many are enjoying baked goods again for the first time in years.

     Our dairy-free - egg-free variations are created deliciously, though sadly, no matter how hard we try, there are products we make which we are currently unable to recreate as a dairy-free, egg-free option. We continue working to expand your options and are happy to try and fulfill your request. 

     Please contact us to place your dairy free / casein free / egg free order, so that we are sure to have it just to your needs.

     *Please note that advance notice is needed for gluten-free baking, to ensure your product has 'kitchen time' to be baked;  everything is made to order.

    For all orders placed via the phone or email - we will happily disclose the ingredients for the products you are considering. 

    For orders placed online there is a summary ingredient list, and by request, a complete ingredient list on the product itself.



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