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Breads, Muffins, Scones, & Biscuits


Quick Breads

Moist with just the right balance of crumbs, these servings are delicious room temperature or warm—by itself or as a tea sandwich!

All loafs offered in two sizes—6” and 9”.

Banana Bread Perfect addition to any breakfast, brunch, lunch or Tea.  Also excellent for a gourmet tea sandwich.  6" loaf: $5.95 / 9" loaf:  $8.50 

Sissy's Sugar Bread A sweet Moravian institution, it is somewhat similar to cinnamon toast on steroids...Sweet, warm and yummy! 8" Square: $7.00

Lemon Bread This light lovely loaf is perfect all day long! 6" loaf: $6.50 /  9" loaf: $9.49

Pumpkin Bread This fall favorite is a delight of spices.  Another way to enjoy the autumn season! 6" loaf: $6.50 /  9" loaf: $9.49

Zucchini Bread While we can't say this bread is particularly healthful, it is incredibly delicious!  6"loaf: $6.25 /  9" loaf: $9.00



Perfect over a relaxed breakfast or on the go.

These standard hand size muffins are also a great thing to freeze and have on hand. Sold per six.

Apple Strudel Muffins This sweet muffin is just on the border of breakfast and dessert. Indulgent? Absolutely!  $8.00 per 6 

Good Morning Muffins These healthy, feel good muffins are a great way to start the day! $7.50 per 6 

Lemon Muffins We love the balance of the citrus and sweet; light, bright and yummy! Per 6: $7.50 

Blueberry Crumble Muffins We love the balance of the citrus and sweet; light, bright and yummy! Per 6 : $7.50 



Hand Formed & Cut, these traditional British scones are ready for High Tea!

Made in the original size, sold per 4

Ginger Lemon Balanced flavors ensure each bite is just right, and maintains the classic scone crumb. Per 4: $10.00

Cranberry Orange The texture, the flavors, all equal a smile. Per 4: $10.00

Simply Plain Sometimes plain is just the thing.  Tasting delicious on their own or enhanced with jam or honey! Per 4: $8.00

Maple Oat These slightly heartier, denser scones are lovely after a hard work out or on a crisp morning. Per 4: $10.00

English Currant For all traditionalists, tea time isn't the same without currant scones.  The pure taste and light crumb melts in your mouth! Per 4: $10.00

Perfectly Pumpkin Available only in the fall and winter, these scones are topped with a lovely spice drizzle. Per 4: $10.00

Blueberry These summer berry scones are available all year long!  Just as delightful in the summer sun as they are for a pick me up on a winter's day. Per 4: $10.00

Hearty Ham & Cheese  This hearty, more American version scone is delicious with the salty bacon and rich cheese. Great for breakfast on the run. Per 4: $11.25


Biscuits & Cheese Crackers

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits  No meal is complete without these lovely tender accompaniments. (All of our biscuits are hand rolled and cut/approximately 2") Per 8: $4.75 

Charleston Cream Biscuits A slightly tangy biscuit perfect to accompany country ham, egg salad, or jam! (All of our biscuits are hand rolled and cut /approximately 2")

Per 8: $5.00 

Cheese Biscuits Addictive—not two ways about it!.  (All of our biscuits are hand rolled and cut /approximately 2")

Per 8 $5.50

Eloise's Cheese Crackers

These savory and rich, with just a bit of a peppery bite, homemade cheese crackers are better than any boxed version out there.  Delicate and addictive, they are all hand rolled and cut. Per 15 crackers: $4.95