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We will be closed from August 22nd - 29th due to a wedding in the bakery family.
If you place an order during that time it will be filled after our return on the 30th. 

Mini Gingerbread Thanksgiving

mini gingerbread cookies pilgrims, thanksgiving cookies

Hand Decorated Cookies Gallery

Please see below a selection of our Hand Decorated Cookies. 
Click to See Full Size.

  1. Alligator Cookies
    Alligator Cookies
  2. Owl Cookies
    Owl Cookies
  3. Tea Cup Cookies
    Tea Cup Cookies
  4. Custom Image Cookies - Theatre Troop
    Custom Image Cookies - Theatre Troop
  5. Butterfly Cookies
    Butterfly Cookies
  6. Chippy Chick Cookies
    Chippy Chick Cookies
  7. Easter Egg Cookies
    Easter Egg Cookies
  8. Minnie Bunny Cookies
    Minnie Bunny Cookies
  9. Snowman Cookies
    Snowman Cookies
  10. Santa Butter Cookies
    Santa Butter Cookies
  11. Nintendo Cookies
    Nintendo Cookies
  12. Elegant Easter Cookies
    Elegant Easter Cookies
  13. China - Tea Cup Cookies
    China - Tea Cup Cookies
  14. Fashionista Dress Cookies
    Fashionista Dress Cookies
  15. Flower Power Cookies
    Flower Power Cookies
  16. Sherlock Holmes Cookies
    Sherlock Holmes Cookies
  17. Dove Cookies
    Dove Cookies
  18. Flower Pot Cookies
    Flower Pot Cookies
  19. Gingerbread Men & Ladies
    Gingerbread Men & Ladies
  20. 12 Days of Christmas Cookies
    12 Days of Christmas Cookies
  21. Snowmen and Women Cookies
    Snowmen and Women Cookies